sedimentary rocks

  1. What are sedimentary rocks?
    sedimentary rock forms from materials at the earths surface.
  2. What is weathering?
    process of breaking rock into smaller piece.  It occurs becuase of natural forces such as flowing water, moving ice, thawing and unthawing.
  3. What is erosion?
    the movement of sediment to a new location
  4. What is deposition?
    the dropping of sediment from wind or water tht slows down or from ice that melts.
  5. What is sedimentation?
    Layers of sediment build up over miollions of years.
  6. What is cementation?
    the weight of the upper layers of sedimentation pressess down on the lower layers and compacts the sedimentation.  cementation then glues the compacted particles together.
  7. What are the 2 types of sedimentary rock?
    • 1.  Clastic rock
    • 2.  Chemical rock
  8. What is clastic rock?
    made of sediments that were weathered, transported, and deposited in layers.
  9. What is chemical rock?
    mineterals that were dissolved in water, came out of solution, and then depsoited.
  10. Clastic rocks particals cane be fine, medium and corse.  Name an example of each
    • Fine - Shale
    • Medium - Sandstone
    • Corse - Conglomerate
  11. What is a conglomerate rock?
    sedimentary rock formed from pebbles ane sand that are cemented together.
  12. Name 3 Chemical rocks.
    Chalk, LAimestone, gypsum
  13. What is the most common chemical sedimentary rock
  14. How is gypsum rock formed?
    ocean water evaporates and cannot be replaced with more ocean water or fresh water
  15. Name 3 uses for sedimentary rock
    • 1.  Building - shale and sandstone
    • 2.  season food - rock sale
    • 3.  energy resources - petroleum and natural gas are found in sedimentary rocks
    • 4.  farming - farmers use limeston for treating acidic soils
    • 5.  learning of earths hx - scientists use fossils to piece together what life was like in the past.
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