American Government

  1. The French and Indian War was also called...
    the 7 years war (English win)
  2. The French and Indian War caused what 2 big problems
    • 1) What to do with Western Lands 
    • 2)War Debt
  3. What did they do with the western lands after the war?
    gave it to the indians (Proclaimation 1763)
  4. What did they do to solve the war debt problem?
    • wanted colonists to pay. 
    • Stamp Act- passed march 1765 but effect Nov. 1765
  5. What did the people do to rebel against Stamp Act and high taxes?
    Sons of Liberty threatened tax collecters and made most resign.
  6. What happened when the Townshed Act passed on colonists?
    • March 5, 1770 Boston Massacre 
    • Kills half black man Crispus Attucks
  7. Tea Act 
    1773 - point of no return
  8. Boston Tea Party
    90,000lbs of tea destroyed. 
  9. Coercire Acts of 1774
    • -first continental congress
    • -12/13 colonies meet in Philly
    • -no trade with England and told to get malitia ready
    • -agree to meet again in 6 months
    • -War begins in Lexington and Concord
  10. 2nd Continental Congress 1775
    • John Hancok elected president
    • create an army with George Washington in charge
    • create a postal service - Franklin
    • create paper curency
    • open diplomatic ties 
    • tax colonies
    • send the olive branch petition to king
  11. Declaration of Independence
    June 1776 Richad Henry Lee presents the resolution for independence
  12. 3 parts of declaration
    • preamble 
    • grievances
    • conclusion
  13. When was the declaration adopted?
    4th of july 
  14. Who is the Father of the Declaration?
    Thomas Jefferson
  15. weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
    • request troops
    • all 13 states could make money
    • could not regulate foreign trade 
    • could not tax
  16. the father of the constitution 
    james madison
  17. May 25, 1787 states meet in philly to discuss...
  18. Virginia Plan
    New government plan
  19. New Jersey Plan
    work with and fix articles of confederation 
  20. Great Compromise (conneticut compromise)
    • P-How many representatives each state recieves for house and state.
    • S-House based on population, senate 2 per
  21. 3/5ths Compromise
    • P-How do we count slaves for taxation and representation?
    • S-Count each as 3/5ths of a person for both
  22. Commerece and Slave Trade Compromise
    • P-Taxing and regulating Trade
    • S-Import tax, no export tax, can't touch slave trade for 20 years
  23. September 17th 1787
    Ratification- 39 people signed the constitution 
  24. March 1789
    • Congress convenes 
    • Washington elected Pres. 
    • J. Adams elected V.P
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