Psych Ch 4

  1. Cicadian Rythym
    Various cycles of life (annual, 28 day, 24 hrs, 90 min)
  2. Circadian Rythym
    24 hr cycle that we have not yet adjusted to 
  3. Sleep theories
    protection, recuperates, remembering, growth
  4. Hypnotic sensations -1 
    Hallucinations in stage 1 of sleep
  5. Sleep spindles - 2
    rythmic and active rapid bursts of activity
  6. Transition- 3
    sleep spindles dying out
  7. Deep sleep - 4 
    walking, eating, talking can occur
  8. REM sleep
    rapid eye movemnts, vivid dreaming occurs
  9. Sleep deprivation
    fatique, impared concentration, emotional irritability, depressed immune system, greater vulnerability
  10. Insominia
    people have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep
  11. Narcoelpsy
    when people with out noticing it fall into REM sleep
  12. Sleep Apnea
    You stop breathing in the middle of slee

    signs= snoring, odd noises, obsese peopel
  13. Freud
    • manifest content= actual story
    • latent content= what lies behind the story in the dream
  14. Wish fulfillmetn
    fulfill unconcious desires and wants throgh dreaming 
  15. Information processing
    organizing the data you've been given and exposed to recently
  16. Psychological Function
    maintaining the pyshical structure and chemicals in teh brain
  17. Activation synthesis theory
    brain makes sense out of nothing
  18. cognitive development
    dreams help this 
  19. Psychoactive drugs
    drugs that actively modify mind and state of conciousness
  20. Phsycal drug dependence
    your body becomes expecting the drug 
  21. Withdral symptoms
    body is compensating for the drug (opposite of of the drug)
  22. Psychological Dependence
    You crave the good feeling you get and this is harder to combat than psychactive
  23. Stimulants
    • Caffine, Nicotine, Amphetamines, Cocaine
    • speed up central nerves system
  24. Depressents
    • Alcohol, Barbituates, Narcotics,
    • Slow down bodily functions
  25. Hallucinogins,
    • Weed, LSD
    • alter and destort perceptions of reality and moods 
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