1. A process by which organizations face the same condition and ultimately tend to end up like each other is known as?
  2. C. Wright Mills turned for interlocking directories is which of the following?
    Power elite
  3. Former President George W. Bush and other religious and conservative policy makers emphasize on abstinent programs and virginity pledges has led to?
    Unsafe sex
  4. According to the data presented in Chapter 5 which of the following is true regarding social capitol in the United States today?
    We are loosely connected, experiencing less familytogetherness, taking less group cacation, and demonstration little civic engagement. We have a decline is social capitol
  5. What trend related to a decline in social capitol did Robert Putnam focus on in his book "bowling alone"
    Civic engagement
  6. Six degrees of separation refers to all of the following ideas except
    Basically there are no more than 5 people between any st of strangers
  7. Lets pretend that you are at a party with a very close group of friends one evening, and you spot an aquaintance, a former classmate from sociology class at the same party. If the aquaintance becomes friends with your group of friends the tie betwen you and your former classmate is stronger, because?
    strength of weak ties
  8. In Chapter 5 which explorers interactions in groups, open when a story about an Australian artistwho creates a business importing and distributing food products and utilities form around the globe. Her business would not be possible without?
    Group interaction 
  9. Jill attends a leadership training session at her company's corporate office. There are 6 trainers and 48 participants at the seminar. This would be an example of which kind of group?
    Large group
  10. According to Simmel the essential feature of a party is that it is?
  11. All of the following are characteristics of George SImmel small group, except?
    Anything except: face to face interaction, uniforcal perspective, lack of formal arrangements, and a certain level of equality
  12. If the buying public can be seen as playing two procedures off against each other and promoting their self interest by gaining the lowest price. The buying public could be viewed as playing the role of?
    tertius gaudens
  13. Using dramatical theory why is it more difficult to end a conversation closing when we are on the phone than in person?
    Because many of our gestures are brackets are nonverbal, therfore we can't use them while we are on the phone
  14. Which of the following is not an example of a given off gesture?
    "given gestures" such as puting on a coat, signaling your're ready to go
  15. According to Goffman when there is a breach in an established script people generally do which of he following
    Repair it and moe forward using humor
  16. According to Goffman the esteem in which an individual is held by others is known as?
  17. WHich of the following theories contains concepts such as front stage and back stage, and has its roots in the work of William Shakespeare
    Dramaturgical theory
  18. Today's assumption that childhood represents a distinct phase in the life course stands in short contrast to notions of children as little adults popular in pre-industrial times. This example highlights..?
    social contruction
  19. Studies have shown that people interact with babies differently base on wheher they are boys or girls, using Roll Theory we could argue that...
    We even use rolls in children's toys. girls have ironing boars boys have work benches
  20. An ascribed status is
    A state into which one is born
  21. Involuntary status that we are born into are called
    ascribed status
  22. Choose the best example of an achieved status from the following?
    juggler, drug dealer, peace actvitst, or reality television junkie
  23. All of the statuses that an individual occupies at any given time comprise his or her?
    status set
  24. A recognizable social position that an individual occupies such as student or professor is known as?
  25. Which of the following scenarios involves the use of peer pressure?
    drugs, alcohol, sex, clothes
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