chapter 4

  1. subconscious processing (example)
    after learning to drive a car, it becomes natural
  2. Circadian cycle
    our 24 hour wake/sleep cycle.
  3. Brian electrical activity during REM sleep
    Very actice, same as being awake.
  4. theories of why we dream??
    The brain only need little rest, mind must stay active.
  5. Lucid dreaming
    Realizing your in a dream and not waking up.
  6. Narcolepsy
    falling asleep at random time ( cant help it)
  7. Insomnia
    having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or falling back to sleep.
  8. Sleep apnea.
    an extremily deep sleep, where you stop breathing because your so relaxed.
  9. how Psyhoactive drugs work.
    they alter perception, mood, or behavior.
  10. Physical addiction
    The body needs it!
  11. Psychological addiction
    The MIND needs it.
  12. Torance.
    How much your body can take of a drug.
  13. classes of Drugs. (NARC)
    • Stimulant. (caffene)
    • depressants ( tranqs)
    • Narcotics (oxy)
    • halluciongens (LSD)
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