parts of the Brain

  1. Brain stem (hind brain)
    is located right above the spinal region. bottom inside part of the brain
  2. reticular activating system
    located inside of the brain stem. controls arousel and sleep
  3. Cerebellum
    controls eye movents, coordination, and balance.
  4. Hypothalamus
    controls eating, drinking and body temp, and hormones.
  5. thalamus
    receives senory information and send it to other parts of the brain.
  6. amygdala
    pre expirence, emotions, fear.
  7. hippocampus
  8. 4 lobes of the cortex.
    • occipital lobes ( vision)
    • parietal lobes (touch)
    • temporal lobes (hearing/language)
    • frontal lobes (thinking, planning, movement)
  9. 2 hemispheres of the cortex (left side)
    ration, logical, analytical, problem solving, language
  10. 2 hemishpheres of the cortex (right side)
    creativity, music, emotions.
  11. localization of function
    states that some parts of the brain are made for certain parts of the body.
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