Gov. Vocabulary Ch.1

  1. What happened on the day of Sept. 9th 2001? a.k.a (09/11)
    That is the day when Islamic terrorists in the U.S. hijacked four aircraft-two of which destroyed the World Trade Center in N.Y., one partially destroyed the Pentagon, and a fourth crash-landed in a field in Pennsylvania.
  2. Global Politics
    A global social relation that pursuits power, interests, order, and justice transcends regions and continents.
  3. International Relations
    A study of the interactions of states in the international system.
  4. Nongovernmental Ogranization (NGO)
    (Grossroots one-with policy goals) Any group of people relating to each other reguarly in some formal manner and engaging in collective action, provided the activities are noncommercial and nonviolent and are not on behalf of a government.
  5. Transnational Actor
    (Nongovernmental) Any actor, such as a multinational corporation or one country's religious humanitarian organization, that has relations with any actor from another country or with an international organization.
  6. Governments
    People and agencies that have the power and legitamate authority to determine who gets what, when, where, and how within a given territory.
  7. Nonstate Actor
    Any participant that is in global politics that is neither in acting in the name of government nor created and served by government. examples; NGOs, terrorists networks, global crime syndicates, & multinational corporations
  8. Multicational Corporations or Enterprise (MNCs/MNEs)
    Is a business or firm with adminstration, production, distribution, and marketing located in countries around the world.
  9. Nation
    A community of people who share a common sense of identity, which may be derived from language, culture, or ethnicity, this community may be a minority within a single country or live in more than one country.
  10. State
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