neuropsycology and neuroscience

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  1. Dendrites
    transmits stored information to cell body
  2. somna and nucleus
    the middle, mantains the neuron and keeps things working
  3. Axon hillcock
    controls firing of the neurons
  4. axon
    a long stem that branches out
  5. terminal buttons.
    the end of the neurons (branch like) responsible for sending info to other neurons.
  6. neurotransmitters
    electrical information being sent between neurons
  7. How the Nerve impulse occurs
    part of the neuron mambrane opens up to release positive charged ions.
  8. organization of the nervous system
    Sensory and motor divisions.
  9. phrenology
    Feeling bumps on peoples heads LOL
  10. Invasive ways to map the brain
    electrocuting parts of the brain ( internal )
  11. noninvasive ways to map the brain
    flash cards vision tests .(outside)
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