chapter 1

  1. Theory
    a broad explanation or prediction.
  2. Hypothesis
    a prediction that can be tested
  3. what the scientic method entails
    • Indentify question
    • creating a explaination
    • doing reserch to support it/ not support
    • expressing the the finding.
  4. (research methods) descriptive
    describing something
  5. (research methods) Correlational
    decribes how things go together.
  6. (research methods ) expirimental
    Changing thing to see results.
  7. Archival research
    using written data
  8. naturalistic oberservation
    watching natural occuring behavior.
  9. surveys
    A sample of chosen people who are used to represent a group
  10. case studies
    involve one person or a small group
  11. postive correlations
    more studying = better GPA
  12. Negative correlations
    more partying = LEss GPA
  13. (expirmental methods) Independent variable
    controlled by the the experimenter.
  14. (experimental methods) dependant variable.
    manipulation of the indepentdent variable ( the out come of the results.)
  15. Between and within subject designs
    split participants ( pne person each gets a drug but not both)
  16. Counterbalancing order effects.
    2 groups of people get two versions of the IV test
  17. control, placebo, placebo effect.
    false treatment, fake pills.
  18. random assignment of subjects to groups
    random choosing of participants.
  19. sample, population
    testing a college on a hand of people represent the whole student body
  20. random sampling
    random group of people used to group the whole population
  21. confounds
    an outside issue having an effect on the IV test
  22. replication
    A study conducted again and again
  23. operation definition
    a test used to rate changes of off.
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