UofH KOR401 VOCAB Chapter 03

  1. --가
    ___street; section of a district; area
  2. 은행가
    banking area / street / district
  3. 대학가
    college area / street / district
  4. 개탄 (하다)
    deploring; regret; lamentation
  5. 견디다
    to endure; to bear
  6. 고민하다
    to be in agony; be worried
  7. 과즙
    fruit juice
  8. 구호
    slogan; motto; catchphrase
  9. 끈끈하다
    to be sticky
  10. 나무라다
    to rebuke; to scold; to blame a person for something
  11. 나무랄 데 없다
    to find no fault with
  12. 내남없이
    irrespective of a person's; indiscriminately; without any exceptions
  13. 내정하다
    to be calm, cool-headed, self-possessed
  14. --네
    all of; family of
  15. 우리네
    we all
  16. 당신네
    you all
  17. 용수네
    Yongsu's family
  18. 다름없이
    similarly; likewise
  19. 전과 다름없이
    as usual, as before
  20. 대개
    generally, in general, usually; most of, a great part of
  21. 도대체
    on earth
  22. 도수
    degree; proof
  23. 안경 도수
    strength of glasses
  24. 도수가 높은 위스키
    high-proof whiskey
  25. 독하다
    to be strong, sharp
  26. 돌파하다
    to pass, exceed, go through
  27. 동아리
    club, group, society
  28. 듬뿍
    quite a lot, plenty, much
  29. dirt; grime
  30. 마찬가지
    the same
  31. 마찬가지로
    in the same manner
  32. 마찬가지다
    to be the same; identical
  33. 명절
    national holiday; festive day
  34. 명절을 쇠다
    to celebrate a national holiday / festive day
  35. to be watery; thin
  36. 밍밍하다
    to be tasteless, flat, thin
  37. 바로
    exactly; precisely; the very; the same
  38. 발가락
  39. 복창하다
    to repeat loudly what others say
  40. 부담
    burden, load, responsibility
  41. 부담하다
    to bear a (burden/responsibility); to pay
  42. 분가
    branch of a family
  43. 분가하다
    to make/create a new family
  44. 사나흘
    three or four days
  45. 산뜻하다
    to be clean, neat
  46. 생산량
    production; yield; output
  47. 1인당 생산량
    output/production per person
  48. 신선하다
    to be fresh
  49. 실감
    actual feeling
  50. 심심하다
    to be bored; to taste slightly flat
  51. 어울리다
    to mix with, mingle with, join
  52. 얼키설키
    all mixed up; in a disorderly way, confusedly, complicatedly
  53. 얽히다
    get tangled; become entagled; complicated
  54. 엉기다
    to coagulate, to congeal, to clot
  55. 연하다
    to be mild, weak, soft, tender, light
  56. 연휴
    long holiday; consecutive holiday (ex. Labor Day; 추석)
  57. 옥황상제
    the King of Heaven (in Taoism)
  58. 요새
    nowadays, recently
  59. 으레
    habitually; usually, naturally, always
  60. 음료
    drink; beverage
  61. 이른바
    what is called
  62. 일과
    daily work; daily task
  63. 이가심
    removing the aftertaste from one's mouth
  64. 자판기
    vending machine (=자동 판매기)
  65. 정서
    sentiment, emotion, feeling; mood, atmosphere
  66. 제대로
    as it should be; in a right way; formally; in a formal way
  67. 진하다
    to be rich; strong, thick, dark
  68. 찬사
    praise; laudatory remarks; eulogy
  69. --충
    class, stratum; level; layer
  70. 지식충
    intellectual class
  71. 푸념하다
    to complain of; grumble at
  72. 피붙이
    family member
  73. 혀를 차다
    to click one's tongue; tut tut
  74. 현명하다
    to be wise, clever, intelligent
  75. 끈적거니다
    to be sticky
  76. 선배
    one's senior; a senior person
  77. 신입생
    new student; freshmen
  78. 친척
    relative; relation
  79. 후배
    one's junior; a junior person
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