1. compel (v)
    to force
  2. complicit (adj)
    being an accomplice in a wrongful act
  3. compliment (n)
    an expression of esteem or approval
  4. concede (v)
    to give in, to accept
  5. conciliatory (adj)
    agreeable, friendly
  6. concoct (v)
    to make up or invent
  7. concord (n)
  8. conduit (n)
    a pipe, passage, channel
  9. confluence (n)
    a convergence, a coming together
  10. confound (v)
    to frustrate
  11. connotation (n)
    a meaning or association suggested by a word beyond its definition
  12. contusion (n)
    bruise, injury
  13. convalescence (n)
    the gradual return to health after illness
  14. copious (adj)
    abundant, plentiful
  15. corpulent (adj)
    very fat
  16. cosmopolitan (adj)
    wordly, sophisticated
  17. coxcomb
    conceited, foolish dandy; pretentious fop
  18. cozen
    to cheat or trick
  19. credulity (n)
    readiness to believe
  20. cursory (adj)
    brief to the point of being superficial
  21. daft (adj)
    insane, foolish
  22. daunting (adj)
  23. dearth (n)
    a lack, scarcity
  24. defame (v)
    to destroy the reputation of
  25. deft (adj)
    skilled, adept
  26. defunct (adj)
    no longer used or exsisting
  27. deleterious (adj)
  28. delude (v)
    to deceive, to mislead
  29. deluge (n)
    a great flood or something that overwhelms like a flood
  30. denuded
    to make naked or bare
  31. depone
    to testify under oath
  32. derelict (adj)
    run-down, abandoned
  33. desolate (adj)
    deserted, lifeless
  34. despondent (adj)
    discouraged, hopeless, depressed
  35. destitute (adj)
  36. diaphanous (adj)
    transparent, light, airy
  37. dictate (v)
    to pronounce, command, prescribe
  38. differentiate (v)
    to distinguish, to make different
  39. dilapidated (adj)
    in a state of disrepair
  40. diligent (adj)
    careful, showing care
  41. diminish (v)
    to decrease or make smaller
  42. diminutive (adj)
    miniature, small
  43. discreet (adj)
    prudent or inconspicuous
  44. discrete (adj)
    seperate, distinct, individual
  45. disparage (v)
    to criticize, degrade, belittle
  46. dissonance (n)
    lack of harmony or agreement
  47. divergent (adj)
    different, deviating, contrary
  48. diverse (adj)
  49. divisive (adj)
    causing conflict, opposition
  50. domicile (n)
    a residence, a home
  51. doppelganger (n)
    a ghostly double of a living person
  52. douse (v)
    to drench, saturate
  53. dutiful (adj)
    careful to fulfill to obligations
  54. dynamic (adj)
    characterized by continuous change or activity
  55. elocution (n)
    the art of public speaking
  56. elucidate (v)
    to clarify
  57. empathetic (adj)
    feeling another's pain as one's own
  58. empathy (n)
    the experience of another's feelings as one's own
  59. enervate (v)
    to weaken, make weary
  60. enervated (adj)
    lacking energy, weakened, exhausted
  61. entity (n)
    something that exists as a discrete unit
  62. envious (adj)
  63. erect (v)
    to construct, to raise
  64. erroneous (adj)
    mistaken, incorrect
  65. espouse (v)
    to support, or to marry
  66. espy (v)
    catch sight of, glimpse
  67. ethereal (adj)
    heavenly, exceptionally delicate or refined
  68. euphoric (adj)
    elated, overjoyed
  69. exacerbate (v)
    to make more violent, intense
  70. excursion (n)
    a trip, an outing
  71. exemplary (adj)
    serving as an example
  72. exigent (adj)
    critical, urgent
  73. existential (adj)
    relating to existence
  74. exorbitant (adj)
  75. extol (v)
    to praise
  76. extravagant (adj)
    excessive, over-the-top
  77. fabricate (v)
    to invent, to make-up, concoct
  78. facile (adj)
  79. fallacious (adj)
    incorrect, misleading
  80. familial (adj)
    relating to family
  81. fatuous (adj)
    silly, foolish
  82. fecund (adj)
    fertile, fruitful
  83. feign (v)
    to fake or pretend to
  84. feral (adj)
    savage, wild, untamed
  85. fetter (v)
    to retrain, chain, tie
  86. fey (adj)
  87. fickle (adj)
    characterized by changeableness, whimsical
  88. figurative (adj)
  89. firmament (n)
    the sky, the heavens
  90. flabbergasted (adj)
    astounded, stupefied
  91. flaccid (adj)
  92. flattery (n)
    compliments, sycophancy
  93. flout (v)
    to scorn, ignore, show contempt for
  94. fluctuate (v)
    to vary irregularly
  95. flux (n)
    a state of constant change or a flow
  96. forage (v)
    to rummage, scavenge, graze for food
  97. forestall (v)
    to delay, impede
  98. forlorn (adj)
    lonely, hopeless
  99. formidable (adj)
    arousing fear or alarm
  100. forsake (v)
    to abandon, forget
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