psychology Chap 1

  1. Epistemology
    Study of how KNOWLEDGE is requred
  2. Empiricism
    Study of using SENSORY INPUT. eyes, ears, touch
  3. Rationalism
    studies WITHOUT SENSORY INPUT. ( inverted goggles.)
  4. Decartes
    • Mind Body Problem
    • monism- mind does what brain does
    • Dualism- mind controls body
    • Cartesian dualism- mind and body are (1)!
  5. Galvani
    Advances in reseach neurology
  6. Fechner
  7. Wundt
    named the creator of psychology
  8. James
    adaptive value of consciousness
  9. Pavlov
    Learning tests with dogs.
  10. Watson
  11. Freud
  12. Structuralism
    use of introspection and reductionism
  13. functionalism
    adaptive value of consciousness
  14. behaviorism
    study of behavior
  15. Psychodynamicism
    Study of why people become Psychodicly ill
  16. Humanism
    interest in people becoming the best they can be
  17. Cognitivism
    study of processes in the brain
  18. Gestaltism
    States the mind cannot be reduced to just one thing
  19. Behavioral genetics
    how inheritance traits related behavior
  20. experimental phychology
    studies process of sensing, pereiving, learning, and thoughts.
  21. Cognitive psychology
    studies higher mental processes like thinking, reasoning, problem solving, judging, and language
  22. Developmental psychologists
    study how people grow and change throughout life.
  23. Personality Psychologists
    studies consistancy and change in a persons behavior.
  24. Health Psychologists
    psychological factors that affect Physical disease.
  25. Clinical psychologist
    study, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behavior
  26. counseling psycologist
    focus on education, social and career problems.
  27. social psychologist
    study of how peoples thoughts and felling are affected by others.
  28. cross cultural
    examines psychological functioning amoung various cultures.
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