vocab Words Week 2

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  1. coy
    adj. - shy in a playful way
  2. fret
    v. - to be vexed or troubled; worry
  3. gesture
    n. or v. A body movement that expresses an idea; to make gestures
  4. insistant
    adj. - continuing firmly and stubbornly
  5. mournful
    adj. sorrowful; expressing grief
  6. nag
    v. to bother by constant scolding or finding fault
  7. perplexed
    adj. filled with confusion
  8. resourceful
    adj. able to act effectively in almost any situation
  9. sheepish
    adj. embarrassed as if knowlingly at fault
  10. taunt
    v. to make fun of; to mock
  11. tidy
    adj. orderly and neat in appearance
  12. unruly
    adj. difficult to control
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