Law Enforcement

  1. Define social contorl.
    the organized ways in which society repsonds to behavior and people it regards as deviant, problematic, worrying etc
  2. What is community policing?
    most contemporary, it holds that the police should work closely with community residents, instead of being an inward-looking bureaucracy
  3. Define POP.
    problem oriented policing
  4. What is POP mean?
    • to policing involves research and planning as part of a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach
    • (Herman Goldstein)
  5. Zero Tolerance Policing is what?
    concentrates on relatively minor quality of life issues that have been shown to contribute to an increase in major crimes.
  6. Example of Zero Tolerance Policing.
    urinating in public
  7. Who is Robert Peel?
    the father of modern policing
  8. Where was Robert Peel an important political leader for?
  9. Three core elements of modern policing are:
    mission, strategy, and organizational structure
  10. Define Sheriff.
    appointed by the colonial governor, duties are collecting taxes, conducting elections, maintaining bridges and railroads & enfocing the law
  11. Define Constable.
    the position also had responsbility for enforcing the law and maintaining order
  12. The watch is:
    closest to modern day police, watchmen patrolled the city to gaurd against fire, crime, and disorder. when towns grew it grew into a paid position
  13. How was the quality of law enforcement:
    very poor, subject to corruption, inefficiency & politcal interference 
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Law Enforcement
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