Art Appreciation Study Guide

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  1. Line
    Continuous unbroken mark, instrctional element invented by man.
  2. Contour Drawing
    Drawing done slowly while looking at the subject not at the paper.
  3. Gesture Drawing
    Drawings which concentrate on a sense of motion & rhythm- done fast.
  4. Shape
    Line that moves through space until it meets itself and forms an enclosure.
  5. Mass
    Mass differs from shape as it has a 3rd Dimension.
  6. Impasto
    Thick build-up of paint.
  7. Hue
    The name of the color.
  8. Value
    The lightness or darkness of a color.
  9. Intensity
    Brightness or dullness of a color.
  10. Rhythm
    A pattern created by Repetition of a line, shape, color, ect.
  11. Contrast
    Opposites or the interaction of opposites.
  12. Dominance
    Emphasis on 1 part of a composition.
  13. Representional Art
    Clearly recognizable object.
  14. Abstract Art
    Somewhat identifiable objects.
  15. Non-Objective Art
    No identifiable objects.
  16. Relief Printing
    Printing surface is partially cut away.
  17. Intaglio
    Opposite of relief- the low (recessed) areas create the print
  18. Planographic
    Artist print from a plane (level) surface.
  19. Serigraphy
    Silk-screen (a stencil process).
  20. Freestanding Sculpture
    Figures are viewed from all sides.
  21. Relief Sculpture
    Projects from a background.
  22. Linear Sculpture
    Utilizes linear materials such as wire & neon tubing.
  23. Found Sculpture
    Artist decides that an object is aesthetically pleasing/
  24. Ephemeral Sculpture
    Transitory art that makes a statment then ceases to exist.
  25. Ceramics
    The art of forming clay.
  26. Bisqued
    Fired in the kiln.
  27. Tunnel or Barrel Vault
    A round arch that extends to enclose a space.
  28. Groin or Cross Vault
    2 tunnel vaults that cross at right angles.
  29. Pendentives
    The triangular space between the dome and arches.
  30. Cantilever
    A lintel that extends beyond its supports.
  31. Two kinds of contour drawings are?
    Blind conture & iolao conture
  32. Two ways the illusion of depth is achieved
    Linear perspective & aerial perspective
  33. Primary colors are?
    Red, yellow, & blue
  34. Secondary colors are?
    Green, orange, & purple
  35. Complimentary colors are?
    Red-green, blue-orange, & yellow-purple
  36. Warm  colors are?
    Red, orange, & yellow
  37. Cool colors are?
    Green, blue, & purple
  38. Neutral colors are?
    Black, brown, white, & gray
  39. Two kinds of balance are?
    Symmetrical & Asymmetrical
  40. Two levels of meaning in subject matter are?
  41. Three classifications of subject matter are?
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