1. What is an explorer?
    Somebody that travels to unfamiliar places to find out more about them
  2. Why didn't people in Europe know about people know about other continents?
    Ships and boats that could travel longer distances were not invented yet.There was no way for long distance travels
  3. What invention started the adage of exploration and how?
    The printing press

    Books could be made easer and fore less money and so more people could afford them .
  4. Why were the people interested in traveling away from Europe?
    What were they looking for?
    • - new and easier trade routes from Europe to far away parts of Asia
    • - they wanted to go to countries like India, Japan and China
  5. Leif Erickson
    First explorer to reach the Americas ( north and south America)
  6. Marco Polo
    Found the Silk Road or trade routes
  7. Christopher Columbus
    • 1492- sailed for queen Isabella to find a trade route around the Muslims.
    • Ended up in the America's (Bahamas)

    Named the natives Indians because he thought he was in the East Indies
  8. Amerigo Vespucci
    • Sailed to South America
    • Realized that Columbus had found a new continent
  9. Juan Ponce de Leon
    • First Spaniard to land in the United States
    • He landed in Florida
  10. Hernando Cortez
    Landed in Mexico and conquered the Aztecs
  11. Ferdinand Magellan
    First to sail around the world

    Wanted to find away around the americas back to Asia
  12. Giovanni da Verrazano
    First to explore new England and the east coast
  13. Francisco Pizzaro
    Reached south America and conquered the Incas
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