1. An accordion-like device that expands and contracts when internal pressure changes.
  2. A thin flexibale material (metal, rubber, or plastic) that seperates two pressure differences.
  3. The term used to describe the pressure drop in a expansion device when some of the liquid passing through the valve changes quickly to a gas and cools the remaining liquid to the corresponding temperature.
    Flash Gas
  4. The movement of fluid by mechanical means
    Forced Convection
  5. A condition of frost on the suction line and even the compressor body usually due to liquid refrigerant in the suction line
    Frost Back
  6. The heat released when a substance is changing from a liquid to a solid
    Heat of Fusion
  7. A unit equal to 33,000 ft-lb of work per minute.
  8. A service valve at the liquid receiver
    King Valve
  9. A container located in the liquid line and is used to store the liquid refrigerant after it leaves the condenser.
    Liquid Receiver
  10. A device for determining moisture in a refrigerant.
    Moisture Indicator
  11. Sound absorber at the compressor.
    Compressor Muffler
  12. The natural movement of a gas or fluid caused by differences in temperature
    Natural Convection
  13. A gas that does not change into a liquid under normal operating conditions
    Non-Condensable Gas
  14. A switch operated by a change in pressure
    Pressure Switch
  15. To remove or release fluid from a system
  16. A component in a refrigeration system for storing and drying refrigerant.
  17. A thin steel plate used as a valve in a compressor.
    Reed Valve
  18. Often called a split system where the condenser is located away from the evaporator and/or other parts of the system
    Remote System
  19. The ability to direct the hot-gas flow into the indoor or the outdoor coil in a heat pump to control the system for heating or cooling purposes.
    Reverse Cycle
  20. A valve similar to the valve on an auto tire that allows refrigerant to be charged or discharged from the system.
    Shrader Valve
  21. A compressor that uses a rotary motion to pump fluids.  It is a positive displacement pump.
    Rotary Compressor
  22. A compressor utilizing to scroll type componentsto compress vapor.
    Scroll Compressor
  23. A motor compressor that can be opened or disassembled by removing bolts and flanges; also known as a servicable hermetic
    Semi-hermetic Compressor
  24. A vessel with a coil of tubing inside that is used as a heat exchanger
    Shell and Coil
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