Af.Am & caribbean dance

  1. Adagio
    controlled sequence of movement done very slow and smoothly
  2. Allegro
    controlledsequence of movement done fast or accelerate
  3. Arabesque
    a position in which you balance on one leg and extend the other leg behind
  4. Attitude
    a turn out position in which you balance on one leg and lift the other back or front with the knees bent at about 90 degrees
  5. Plié
    a bend of the knees
  6. Deep plié
    a full bend of the knees where the heels naturallycome up from the floor
  7. Demi plié
    - literally a half bend on the floor. Knees in line with toes.
  8. Isolation
    the movement of any single muscle joint independent of all others
  9. Opposition
    a natural process of spiraling which occurs as you walk. When the left leg comes forward the right arm will follow  
  10. parallel
    (open or close) a position when the thighs, knees, legs, and toes are facing straight ahead
  11. Passé
    standing on one leg, bend your other knee up and touch the inside of your standing leg with pointed toes.
  12. releve'
    lifted or raised up on the half-toe
  13. tendu
  14. turned out
    a position in which the thighs, knees, and toes are turned out and away from each other.
  15. first position
    heel to heel
  16. second position
    feet apart turned out
  17. third position
    when the heel of one foot is placed against the in step of the other
  18. fourth position
    from a 3rd extend one foot in front of the other (feet separated by distance)
  19. fifth position
    heel to toe (both feet)
  20. contraction
    a strong pull back and stretch of both spine
  21. breathing
    involves the expansion and contraction of the entire chest, upper back and upper abdomen.
  22. centrefloor
    centrework is concerned with improving your posture, body alignment awareness of your center.
  23. triplet
    a traveling step in 3 counts. movement should be smooth and continuous.
  24.   centering
    maintaining a sense of your own body center that holds you together as you move freely and gracely
  25. gravity
    the force that holds you down to earth
  26. balance
    more than standing on one leg- your aim is to achieve and constantle maintain an inner balance of the entire body.
  27. posture
    changing the perception of your body
  28. gesture
    using your body as an instrument to communicate feeling and ideas in pattern of movement.
  29. rhythm
    finding your sense of rhythm is a sense of paying attention
  30. timing
    fast, sudden, slow, sustain, accelerate, decelerate, pacing -uneven, even
  31. movement
    in order to dance u must move
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