Sat 6

  1. Condone
    v. to forgive/ overlook an offense
  2. Nuance
    n. a slight or subtle degree of difference
  3. Connoisseur
    n. an expert in matters of culture, food, or wine
  4. Enigma
    n. a mystery; unexplainable
  5. Apathy
    n. lack of interest
  6. Officious
    adj. excessively eager to deliver unasked for/ unwanted help
  7. Credence
    n. belief or trust
  8. Jaunty
     adj. having a buoyant, self-confident air
  9. Dilettante
    n. one who merely dabbles in art or science
  10. Cult
     n. an organized group of people with an obsessive devotion to a person or set of principles
  11. Arch
    • rule/ govern/ to be first
    • (archery, archetype, monarchy, patriarch, matriarch)
  12. Dem
    • people 
    • (democracy, pandemic, epidemic, demagogue, demography)
  13. Mit/ mis
    send (transmit, remit, omit, intermittent, emissary)
  14. Crat/ Cracy
    rule by (theocracy, democracy, autocrat, aristocrat, theocracy, technocracy)
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