Dental Ch. 1-3 Sept. 26

  1. Chief of the Toothers and the Physicians.
    Hesi-Rae. Practiced in 3000 BC
  2. Father of Medicine-
  3. Hippocratic Oath-
    A solemn obligation to refrain from wrongdoing and to treat patients with confidentiality and to the best of one's ability.
  4. Aristotle-
    mistakenly stated that the gingiva was responsible for tooth formation, and that men had 32 teeth and women had only 30.
  5. The Romans....
    restored decayed teeth with gold crowns.
  6. About the 2nd century, the Chinese,
    developed silver amalgam paste for fillings.
  7. T'ing To-t'ung and Yu Shu..
    described the entire process of chewing and swallowing.
  8. Responsible for tooth aches.
    "Tooth worm"
  9. The Romans were skilled in...
    extracting teeth, restoring decayed teeth with gold crowns and replacing missing teeth.
  10. Tooth cleaning powders were made of=
    eggshells, bones, oyster shells mixed with honey.
  11. Leonardo da Vinci-
    sketched every internal and external structure of the body. He was the first anatomist to describe the differences between molars and premolars.
  12. Ambroise Pare-
    described how painful dental extracting is. Father of Modern Surgery.
  13. Degree conferred on dentists.
    Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
  14. Pierre Fauchard-
    Father of Modern Dentisty. He firmly believed that to ensure good health, you should rinse out your mouth with fresh urine every morning.
  15. Robert Woofendale-
    "performs all operations upon the teeth, sockets, gums and palates, fixes artificial teeth. He was one of George Washington's dentist.
  16. John Greenwood-
    regarded as the first native born american dentist.
  17. Paul Revere-
    used his skills as a silversmith to make artificial teeth and surgical instruments. credited with begining forensic dentistry.
  18. Hayden and Harris-
    established the first dental college in the world. Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.
  19. G.V. Black-
    Grand Old Man of Dentistry. invented numerous machines for testing and dental instruments.
  20. Black's major contributions-
    principle of extension for prevention and standardized rulesof cavity preparation and filling.
  21. Wilhem Conrad Roentgen-
    discovered x rays in 1895.
  22. Horace Wells-
    dentist credited with the discovery of inhalation anesthesia in 1844.
  23. Lucy B Hobbs-Taylor-
    first female graduate of dental school.
  24. Emeline Robert Jones-
    first woman to establish a regular dental practice in the U.S.
  25. Ida Gray- Rollins-
    first African American female dental graduate from a US dental college.
  26. Robert Tanner-
    first African American student. Graduated from Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
  27. C. Edmund Wells-
    credited with employing the first dental assistant.
  28. Melvina Curia-
    the first "lady in attendance" assistant.
  29. Irene Newsman-
    first dental hygienist.
  30. Alfred C. Fones-
    believed that women should be trained to provide preventitive services.
  31. Museum of Dentistry-
    Dr. Samuel Harris National Museum of Dentistry.
  32. St. Apollonia
    Patron Saint of Dentistry. Invoked against the toothache because of the torments she had to endure.
  33. Guy De Chauliae-
    surgeon from France. responsible for making rough instrument like forceps. Clean teeth with honey and burnt salt.
  34. Josiah Flagg-
    skilled surgeon, treated people with clefted palets and lips. Constructed the first dental chair. He was also in the Navy.
  35. Army Dental Corp.
    founded in 1911, extracted teeth.
  36. Toothbrush drill was made in...
  37. When we start wearing gloves?
    late 1980s.
  38. Juliette A Southard
    founder of the ADAA
  39. Endodontics-
    Root canal
  40. Periodontics
    treatment of oral tissues that support the teeth.
  41. Prosthodontics-
    restoration and replacement of natural teeth with artificial contructs such as crowns.
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