john Edwards vocab sinners of angry God

  1. avail
    verb to be of use or value to; profit; advantage
  2. prudence
    noun caution with regard to practical matters, discretion regard for one's own interests. provident care in the mangement of resources; economy; frugality
  3. contrivance
    noun  a plan or scheme something planned
  4. sovereign
    noun: a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler hsving supreme rank
  5. chaff
    noun: the husks of grains and grasses that are separated during threshing. straw cut up for fodder. worthless matter; refuse
  6. inconceivable
    adjective: unimaginable, unthinkable, unbelievable, incredible
  7. omnipotent
    adjective: almighty or infinte in power as God. having very great or unlimited authority or power.
  8. abhor
    verb: to regard with extreme repugnance or aversion, detest utterly, loathe, abominate
  9. lamentable
    adjectiveregrettable, unfortunate, mornful
  10. incensed
    noun: to inflame with wrath make angry engage
  11. singe
    verb: to burn superficially or slightly, scorch. to burn the ends, to subject the object ot flame
  12. asunder
    adjective: into spearate parts, in or into pieces, apart or widely separated
  13. mediator
    noun: someone who relieves or intervenes for someone.
  14. pining
    verb: to yearn deeply, suffer with lnging, long painfully. to fail gradually in health or vitality from grief, regret, or longing
  15. vexation
    noun: the state of being annoyed or irritated. something that causes annoyance.
  16. righteousness
    noun: the quality or state of being just or rightful
  17. threshing
    verb: to separate the grain or seeds from a cereal plant or the like by some mechancial means as by beating with a flail or by the action of a threshing machine
  18. waxing
    verb: to increase in extent quantity intensity power etc
  19. abominable
    adjective: repugnantly hateful, destable, loathsome, very unpleasant, disagreeable, very bad, poor, or inferior
  20. sober
    adjective: habitually temperate, marked by seriousness, gravity, solemnity etc as of demeanor speech etc. subdued in tone, as color; not gay or showy as clothing wise
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john Edwards vocab sinners of angry God
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