Marketing test 1

  1. 3M's flag highlighter
    • Placement is important: Exposure on campus, coupons in welcome back bags. Table outside business school promoting the product.
    • Figure out what needs are of target market/students:

    Target Market is law students who need to flag a lot of definition.
  2. Geek squad
    Low barriers to entry

    there was a void for help with technological services and they filled it

    independent installers: dont want our customers to use them because they may be more convinient.

    message to the consumer: trust, guarantee, customer service,
  3. Buzzagent
    formalized word of mouth campaign

    • they gurantee that they can beat an ad agency but most of their clients we know they use traditional adv tactics.
    • best to use IN CONJUNCTION with traditional adv.
  4. Groupon
    Low barriers to entry

    Hard to get businesses to sign up because they are concerned about repeat business.

    • Less restrictions on coupons would help.
    • Building a loyalty program could help.
    • Develop better targeting so that they will come back.
    • reminder emails to tell pplĀ  to use their groupon.
  5. Howlin Coyote chili
    questions were skewed in favor of the brand.

    scale was all kinds of fucked up. more positive responses on the smiley face scale than negative
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