MOre other words

  1. Recurring (adj)
    Ree-occurring  to show up again repeatedly
  2. Instigator (n)
    One who goads someone on
  3. Infidel (n)
    A doubter of something
  4. Plaintive (adj)
    • Sounding sad or mournful
    • Sad or mournful
  5. Acrimonious (adj)
    Angry or bitter
  6. Egregious (adj)
    Outrageous, can be good or bad
  7. Temerity (n)
    Excessive confidence or boldness
  8. Acumen (n)
    The ability to make quick decisions 
  9. Audacity (n)
    Extraordinary boldness; courage
  10. Affable (adj)
    Friendly, good-natured, sociable
  11. Brevity (n)
  12. Brusque (adj)
    Abrupt or curt in manner and speech
  13. Aspire (v)
    To seek to attain a goal or accomplishment
  14. Succulent (adj)
    Juicy, tasty, 

    Full of fleshy tissue(referring to a plant)

    Full of interest
  15. Zest (n)
    • 2
    • : an enjoyably exciting quality : piquancy <adds zest to the performance>

    • 3
    • : keen enjoyment : relish, gusto <has a zest for living>
  16. Enumerate (v)
    • To mention one by one
    • To establish the number of
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