1. accent
    syllable in a word that recieves the strongest and ludest emphasis
  2. analytic phonic
     starting with whole words and identifying individual sounds as part of those words. AKA implicit phonics
  3. auditory discrimination
    to hear similarities and differences between sounds as they appear in spoken words
  4. base word
    prefixes and or suffixes are added to create new but related work.
  5. breve
    • symbol placed above vowel indicating pronounciation.
    • small U
  6. circumflex
    • symbol placed above vowel graphemes indicating pronunication
    • upside down carrot
  7. close syllable
    any syllable with a consonant phoneme
  8. compound word
    a word make up of two or more base words
  9. consonant blend
    • sounds in syllable represent by two or more letters that are blended together without losing their own identity.
    • gr sw cl
  10. consonant cluster
    • two or more consonant letters appearing together in syllable which, when sounded, represent a blend
    • gr, str, cr
  11. consonants
    sounds represented by any letter of the English alphabet exvepts a, e, i, o, and u consonants are sounds that made by restricting the breath channel.
  12. decoding
    determining the pronounciation of an unknown word.
  13. deductive instruction
    • generalization.
    • a general to speicific analysis.
  14. diagraph
    • two letter that stand for a single phoneme or sound
    • wh sh ng
  15. dipthong
    • a single sound made up of two vowel sounds
    • oi oy
  16. grapheme
    a letter or combination of letters that represents a phoneme.
  17. macron
    (-) placed over vowel to show long sound
  18. onset
    consonant sound that comes before vowel sound
  19. open syllable
    syllable ending with vowel sound
  20. phoneme
    smallest sound unit of lang.
  21. phoneme blending
    recognize isolated speech sound and pronounce word
  22. phoneme segment
    isolate all sound within word
  23. phonemic awarness
    recognize spoken word as individual sounds
  24. phonetic
    study of human speech sounds
  25. phonic
    study of sound used to teach begining readers
  26. phonogram
    vouwel grapheme an ending with consonant grapheme
  27. r-controlled vowel
    • vowel followed by R
    • makes vowel sound neither long nor short
  28. rime
    syllable that includes vowel and consonant sound that come after it.
  29. root
    aka base word
  30. schwa sound
    unstressed sound in unstress syllable.
  31. silent letter
    appears in word but not  heard when spoken
  32. slash marks
    ( / ) referance to the sound not letters
  33. syllable
    unit of pronunciation
  34. syntheic phonics
    learn individiual sounds in isolation then combine to form words
  35. umlaut
    (..) place above vowel indicates pronunication
  36. visual discrimination
    see differences and similarities and difference in written letters and words.
  37. vowels
    a e i o u  sometime y and w
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