Basic nursing chapter 15

  1. Define Inspection
    the use of vision, and hearing to distinguish normal from abnormal findings.
  2. Palpation
    involved the use of hands, to touch body parts, to make sensative assesments.
  3. Cyanosis
    Bluish color
  4. pallor
    unusal paleness
  5. jaundice
    yellow-orange discoloration
  6. Moisture
    the hydration of skin and mucous membranes
  7. Tempurature
    the tempurature of the skin depends on the amount of blood circulating throught the dermis
  8. Texture
    the charecter of the skin's and the feel of the deeper portions are its texture.
  9. indurated
  10. turgor
    the sliks elasticity
  11. Vascularity
    the circulation of the skin effects color in localized areas and the appearence of superficial blood vesels
  12. edema
    areas of the skin become swolen or edematous from fluid build up in the tissues
  13.  pitting edema
    When preassures from your fingers leaves an indentation in the edematous are, it is called pitting edema
  14. how is the degree of edema measured?
    The debth of pitting, recorded in milimeters, determines the degree od edema. EX., 1+ edema equals 2 mm  debth, and +2 edema equals 4mm 
  15. lesions
    the skin is normally free of lesions, except for commmon freckles, or age related changes such as skin tags, or senile karatosis.
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Basic nursing chapter 15
Basic nursing chapter 15