English vocab#3

  1. cabal
    a group of people unied in some close design together.
  2. callous
    having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others
  3. calumny
    a faulse and slanderous statement 
  4. capacious
    having alot of space inside
  5. captivate 
    to attract and hold the attention or intrest
  6. carcinogenic 
    any substance or agent that tends to produce cancer
  7. careen
    to lean, sway, or trip to one side while in motion
  8. cascade 
    a waterfall or seriouse of small waterfalls
  9. caucus
    meeting of supporters or mebers of a political party,
  10. cavil
    make petty or unnecessary objections
  11. chaste
    morally pure in thought or conduct decent and modest 
  12. clandestine 
    kept secret or done secretly
  13. cleave
    split or sever, along a natural line or grain
  14. coddle 
    treat in an indulgent or over protective way
  15. cogitate
    think deeply about something
  16. concede
    admit that something is true or valid after first denying it
  17. confer
    grant or bestow
  18. confound
    cause surprise or confusion
  19. contumely 
    insolent or insulting language or treatment 
  20. conflagration
    uncontrolled burning that threatens human life
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