Vocab: Unit 1

  1. abdicate
    • give up formally, as an office, duty, power or claim
    • synonyms: relinquish (unwilling), resign (hopelessness), divest
  2. abet
    • encourage or assist, especially in wrongdoing
    • phrase: with the connivane of, in league with
  3. abhor
    • to regard with horror and loathing; to hate intensely (usually moral)
    • synonyms: abominate
    • antonyms: dote on
    • phrases: look askance at
  4. abject
    • wretched, miserable, degrading, humiliating; mean spirited, base, despicable, contemptible; complete and unrelieved
    • phrases: abject liar, abject apology
    • synonyms: craven, thoroughgoing
  5. absolve
    • clear of guilt or blame
    • synonyms: exculpate, vindicate
    • antonyms: inculpate, indite
  6. abstain
    • refrain completely and voluntarily
    • synonyms: forbear, eschew, abstemious, temperate, ascetic
    • antonyms: intemperate
    • usage: abstemious, forbearing, temperate and sparing mean restraint, not abstinence
  7. academic
    • pertaining to institution of learning, scholarly; theoretical rather than practical, unrealistic
    • synomyms: scholastic, speculative
  8. accede
    • yield to, agree to; enter upon an office or dignity
    • synonyms: acquiesce, comply
    • antonyms: demur, bark at
  9. acclimate
    • get used to (an environment/situation)
    • synonyms: habituate
  10. addiction
    habit-forming practice or pursuit that is usually damaging (physically or morally); habitual use of, or devotion to, something
  11. adjourn
    close formally; put off to another time/place
  12. adverse
    • hostile in purpose or effect, unfavorable
    • synonyms: antipathetic, inimical
    • antonyms: propitious
  13. advocate
    • speak or argue in favor of, give active support to; person pleading in the interest of a cause or individual
    • synonyms: espouse
  14. aesthetic
    pertaining to a sense of beauty, artistic
  15. affable
    • courteous and agreeable in manner, easy to talk to or approach
    • synonyms: genial
    • antonyms: surly, testy
  16. affectation
    • pretentious display of manners or sentiments that are not genuine, peculiar habit of dress or behavior meant to impress others
    • synonyms: pose, mannerism
    • phrases: put on airs
  17. affluent
    • prosperous, wealthy
    • synonyms: opulent
    • antonyms: destitute, indigent
    • phrases: living off the hog, as rich as Croesus, to serve Mammon
  18. agenda
    list or progream of things to be done or acted upon
  19. aggregate
    • total amount or sum of individual parts; gather or merge into a single whole, amount to; total, collective
    • synonyms: amalgamation
  20. agile
    • swift and light in action, movement or thought
    • synonyms: limber, lithe, spry (agility despite age)
    • antonyms: torpid
    • phrases: limber one's muscles, look chipper
  21. alienate
    • to cause hostility or indifference where love or friendliness existed previously
    • synonyms: antagonize
    • antonyms: captivate
    • phrases: ingratiate oneself with
  22. allege
    • claim that something is true without any proof
    • synonyms: avow, asseverate, aver
  23. allude
    • refer to indirectly
    • synonyms: insinuate, intimate
  24. ambience
    • surrounding or pervading atmosphere, tone and spirit of an environment
    • synonyms: milieu
  25. ambivalent
    • wavering or uncertain because of an inability to make a choice between two contradictory feelings regarding a person, thing or action
    • synonyms: equivocal, vacillating
    • antonyms: unequivocal
  26. amnesty
    • official pardon granted to offenders against the government, especially for political offenses
    • synonyms: remission (of punishment), absolution (of sin)
  27. anachronism
    • misplacing of an object or event in a period to which it cannot possibly belong, anything out of its proper time frame
    • synonyms: incongruity, contradicition, throwback
  28. anarchy
    • absence of a governmental authority, general political and social disorder
    • synonyms: pandemonium
  29. anathema
    • curse or strong denunciation; person or thing cursed, any object of intense dislike
    • synonyms: malediction, execration, imprecation, abomination
    • antonyms: blessing, benediction, enconium, extol
  30. anecdote
    • brief account of some interesting or amusing incident, especially one containing biographical or historical details
    • synonyms: vignette, raconteur
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