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  1. Name the 16 fundamental truths
    • 1. The Authoritative Rule
    • 2. The One True God
    • 3. The Deity Of The Lord Jesus Christ
    • 4. The Fall Of Man
    • 5. The Salvation Of Man
    • 6. Ordinances Of The Church
    • 7. The Baptism In The Holy Ghost
    • 8. The Initial Physical Evidence Of The Baptism In The Holy Ghost
    • 9. Sanctification
    • 10. The Church And Its Mission
    • 11. The Ministry
    • 12. Divine Healing
    • 13. The Blessed Hope
    • 14. The Millennial Reign Of Christ
    • 15. The Final Judgment
    • 16. The New Heavens And The New Earth
  2. Know the graph.
  3. Name the leadership gifts then.
    • pastor and teacher – pastor is shepherd who
    • protects, teacher nourishes by the Word

    • evangelist – not a revivalist, always a person
    • whose life was on the edge

    • prophet – not a fortune teller, someone who
    • literally spoke the word of God; created the word of God

    • apostle – in Jesus time was someone who was with
    • Jesus, many of whom wrote scripture
  4. Name the leadership gifts today.
    Apostle - one who has been given broad authority in the church

    Prophet - someone who preaches and teaches the Word of God fearlessly

    • Evangelist - not meant to be a revivalist to the church but winning the lost for
    • Jesus Christ

    Pastor and Teacher - pastor is shepherd who protects, teacher nourishes by the Word
  5. What is the purpose of the leadership gifts.
    to prepare God’s people for the work of the ministry
  6. What are the motivational gifts?
    serving-meeting the needs of others

    teaching-clarify truth

    encouraging-giving hope

    mercy-don’t just feel a need, but identify with the need

    giving-beyond normal giving, giving generously

    prophecy-ability to declare God’s word

    administration-leadership and coordinating people
  7. What are the spiritual gifts in the revelation group
    gift of wisdom-the ability to apply knowledge to its best possible result in our life

    gift of knowledge-beyond your own understanding

    gift of discerning of spirit
  8. What are the spiritual gifts in the power group?
    gift of faith-unconditional trust in the sovereignty of God

    gift of healing-divine intervention

    gift of miracles-beyond explanation
  9. What are the spiritual gifts in the edification (building up) group?
    tongues-unknown languages of men or angels that bring edification, exhortation, comfort

    interpretation of tongues-a message that brings edification, exhortation, and comfort

    prophecy-supernatural proclamation
  10. What does imminent mean?
    can happen at any time
  11. What id the final judgment for the saints?
    the judgment seat of Christ
  12. What is the final judgment for the sinners?
    the great white throne judgment
  13. What are the two parts of the second coming?
    rapture and revelation
  14. What does "maranatha" mean?
    the Lord is coming
  15. What verse do we get the leadership gifts from?
    Ephesians 4:11-12
  16. What verse do we get the motivational gifts from?
    Romans 12:6-8
  17. What verse do we get the gifts of the Spirit from?
    1 Corinthians 12:4-11
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