Micro ch 1

  1. Avery, MacLead, and McCarty
    Proved that DNA is the hereditary material
  2. Beadle and Tatum
    Showed that genes code for enzymes
  3. Berg
    Spliced animal DNA to bacterial DNA
  4. Ehrlich
    used first synthetic chemotherapeutic agent
  5. Fleming
    discovered penicillin
  6. Hooke
    first to observe cells in plant material and name them
  7. Iwanowski
    Ovserved taht viruses are filterable
  8. Jacob and Monod
    descovered how DNA controls protein synthesis in a cell
  9. Jenner
    developed vaccine against smallpox
  10. Koch
    proved that microorganisms can cause disease
  11. Lancefield
    Proposed a classification system for streptococci based on antigens in their cell walls
  12. Lederberg and Tatum
    Discovered the DNA can be transferred from on bacterium to another
  13. Lister
    First to use disinfectants in surgical procedures
  14. Pasteur
    Disproved spontaneous generation
  15. Stanley
    First to characterize a virus
  16. van Leewenhoek
    First to observe bacteria
  17. Virchow
    said living cells arise from preexisting live cells
  18. Weizmann
    used bacteria to produce acetone
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