Business Unit- Entrepreneurship

  1. What is a SMART goals?
    • SMART goals should be:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic
    • Timely
  2. What is a specific goal?
    • It should answer the following questions
    • Who? Who is involved?
    • What? What do I want to accomplish?
    • When? Establish a time frame
    • Where? Identify a location
    • Why? Specific reason, purpose, or benifits
    • Which? Identify requirements and constraints
  3. What is a measurable goal?
    • Establish criteria for measuring progress towards the attainment of each goal.  Ask questions like:
    • How much?
    • How many?
    • How will I know when it is accomplished?
  4. What is an attainable goal?
    You can attain most goals by PLANNING YOUR STEPS wisely and establishing a TIME FRAME. 
  5. What is a realistic goal?
    • A goal must be something you are both able and willing to work toward. 
    • Another way to know if you goal is realistic is to detemine if you have accomplished anything like it in the past. 
  6. What is a timely goal?
    • A goal should be grounded within a time frame. With out one, there is no urgency. 
    • It can als stand for tangible, with is when you can use your 5 sences.
  7. What is an entrepreneur?
    • Someone who:
    • brings together various resources in order to pursue a venture that addresses a need, want, or problem in an inovative way.
    • has the ability to see what others have not seen before
    • is an agent of change who challenges the status quo.
    • takes control of risks which are different gambles
    • persues clearly defined goals (long and short (smart))
  8. What is a venture?
    A business enterprise involving some risk, in expectation of gain
  9. What is enterprising?
    Enterprising people bring entrepreneurial characteristics to the workplace
  10. Why are enterprising people important?
    They usually save the business time and monet, or create new ideas to acheive new profit goals.
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