Fluid Thioglycolate Medium

  1. What is FTM made of & why is it used?
    FTM: yeast extract, pancreatic digest of casein, dextrose, sodium chloride, sodium thioglycollate, L-cystine, agar, resazurin, water.

    Used to determine microbial growth. To test the aerotolerance of bacteria.

    cultivation of strict anaerobes & microaerophiles.
  2. How is media inoculated?
    Take bacteria on loop and go down to the bottom in a swirling motion.
  3. What are the names given to different types of bacteria based on their oxygen requirements?
    • OBLIGATE AEROBE: require oxygen - grow at top.
    • OBLIGATE ANAEROBE: no oxygen - grow at bottom.
    • MICROPHILE: tolerates oxygen in small amt. - grow upper middle.
    • FACULATIVE ANAEROBE: doesn't need oxygen but can use it if needed - grows bottom to middle.
    • AEROTOLERANT ANAEROBE: not harmed by oxygen - grows throughout medium.
  4. Which genera of bacteria grow in anaerobic environment?
    • C. sporagenes
    • S. aureus
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