Medicinal Plants

  1. Africa is called:
    The cradle of mankind.
  2. How old is the culture of the Khoisan People?
    5000 years old
  3. What is the treatment philosophy of African traditional medicine?
    • 1) wholeistic treatment approach
    • 2) treat psychosis before the physical
  4. What is the #1 herb sold in the US?
    Aloe Vera
  5. What are the 5 major plants discussed originatng in Africa?
    • 1) Aloe Vera
    • 2) Frankinsense
    • 3) Myrrh
    • 4) Gum Arabic
    • 5) Devil's Claw
  6. Where does Aloe Vera originate?
  7. What are the external uses of Aloe Vera?
    • 1) minor wounds - scrapes
    • 2) sunburns
  8. What are the internal uses of Aloe Vera?
    1) mild laxitive
  9. What is an exudate?
    Anything secreted from bark as resin.

    Possibly includes tree sap.
  10. What African medicinal plants are Exudates?
    • 1) Gum Arabic
    • 2) Frankincense
    • 3) Myrrh
  11. What happens to the resin if you tap it (like tapping for syrup)?
    The quality becomes inferior to that of spontaneously occuring resin.
  12. What is the scientific name of Frankincense?
    Boswellia sacra
  13. Boswellia sacra is the scientific name of what African plant?
  14. Where does Boswellia sacra originate?
  15. How is Frankincense used in African traditional medicine?
    • Usually:
    • 1) aromatherapy (incense)

    • Occassionally:
    • 2) as a topical paste
  16. What are the uses of Frankincense?
    • 1) relieve anxiety and tension - through aromatherapy
    • 2) antimicrobial
  17. What is the scientific name of Myrrh?
    Commiphora myrrha
  18. Commiphora myrrha is the scientific name of what African plant?
  19. What is Myrrh known as?
    The Balm of Gillead
  20. Where does Commiphora myrrha originate?
  21. What are the uses of Myrrh?
    • Biggest:
    • 1) mouth / throat infections
    •         such as: gingivitis and mouth ulcers
    • 2) antimicrobial
  22. What is the scientific name of Gum Arabic?
    Acacia senegal
  23. Acacia senegal is the scientific name of what African plant?
    Gum Arabic
  24. Where does Acacia senegal originate?
  25. What are the uses of Gum Arabic?
    1) emulsifier
  26. What is an emulsifier?
    • It's put in gum, food, and medicine to stabalize it.
    •      ex. eggs
  27. What is the scientific name of Devil's Claw?
    Harpagophytum procumbens
  28. Harpagophytum procumbens is the scientific name for what African plant?
    Devil's Claw
  29. Where does Harpagophytum procumbens originate?
  30. What kind of issue does Devil's Claw pose?
    controversial / conservation issue
  31. Why does Devil's Claw pose a controversial / conservation issue?
    It can't be cultivated; it must be wild caught (found growing naturally).
  32. What are the uses of Harpagophytum procumbens?
    • 1) antiinflamitory
    • 2) arthritis
    • 3) lower back pain relief
  33. What parts of the Harpagophytum procumbens plants are used?
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