ECM 1/2 (culture compt)

  1. culture competency?
    the knowledge and interpersonal skills that allows providers to understand ppl from other cultures
  2. (info.) negotiating treatment plan
    integrating patient story into medical treatment

    no physician compromise: back off standard of care (look for second-best alternative)

    do NOT compromise on cultural practices that pose harm ( i.e. mother that burns baby)

    no patient compromise (meaning listen to patient) on Johovah Witness (respect patient autonomy, they rather die than get blood transfusion to live)
  3. L.E.A.R.N?
    • listen to patients perspective
    • explain and share one's own perspective
    • acknowledge diff./simil. between two perspectives
    • rec. a treatment plan
    • negotiate mutually agreed upon plan
  4. when does the phys-patient relationship start?
    when you undertake to provide care 
  5. can patient end relationship?
    can phys. end relationship? 
    do they have to provide another phys?
    • yes
    • yes
    • no
  6. What is part of informed consent? 3 things
    • explain proposed treatment
    • risks/benefits
    • reasonable alternatives
  7. Is written consent required?
    only in surgery, outpatient consent is implied
  8. who gives consent?
    • competend adult
    • **if female AND pregnant or want birth control you can treat/provide REGARDLESS of age
  9. If patient is not competent?
    living will, power of attorney, spouse, adult child, parent
  10. living well?
    power of attorney?
    1. signed document allowing patient to indicate their choices in situations when they are not competent

    2. signed doucment allowing the patient to name someone to make health care decisions when they cant
  11. Confidentiality exceptions?
    • public health reporting
    • child abuse
    • subpoena/court order
  12. medical malpractice?
    • 1. duty (patient-phys. relationship)
    • 2. breach of duty
    • 3. proximal causation (breach must have proximally caused injury)
    • 4. damages (must be actual injury)
  13. statutes of limitations
    Two years from injury arising from negligent actone year from discovery of foreign objectstatue is tolled under 5 years old (i.e. 2 y/o got messed up...clock starts at 5 y/o and ends at 7 y/o)
  14. Medical records purpose?
    Who own's it?
    to fascilitate and record care

    practice, hospital (not patient)
  15. EMTALA?
    You have to stabilize patients with serious medical condition
  16. Do physicians have immunity to good samaritan laws?

    Duty to assist?
    yes in assisting emergencies

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