BCA 512 Chapter 2 - Part 2

  1. What is cross-promotion or cross-channel promotion.
    1. Airing promotions for one station or network on another co-owned station or network.
  2. What is an advantage of cross promotion for both parties?
    1. Extending the content across additional platforms (reaching additional audiences)
  3. True or False.

    When radio stations in the same market buy or trade time with their competitors, the trade usualy involves a format change of a new station signing on the air.
    1. True
  4. Promotions for programs that appear on that network are called __________ promotion.
    1. On-air (promotion)
  5. A stylized way of writing a station's name and/or a distinctive sound that defines a network is called a ________.
    1. Signature
  6. What are three elements of on-air radio?
    • 1. Sweepers
    • 2. Liners
    • 3. Jingles
  7. ____________ are highly produced imaging spots that include the call letters or an identifying slogan or air talent.
    1. Sweepers
  8. ________ are scripted voice tracks or live reads without music or effects.
    1. Liners
  9. To be effective, liners must do what?
    • 1. Keep fresh
    • 2. Constantly be rewritten and replaced
    • 3. The jock has to really sell the information ( it can't sound written)
  10. ________ consist of a few bars of music with the station call letters and identifying slogan sung over them.
    1. Jingles
  11. True or False.

    Budgets for external media depend on the size of the market.
    1. True
  12. True or False.

    Paid external media is primarily for aquring new listeners.
    1. True
  13. True or False.

    For audience aquisition, the most efficient media buy will be the one with the lowest CPM (cost per thousand) for nonlisteners in the station's target demographic.
    1. True
  14. What does the overall effectiveness of promotional campaigns depend on ?
    • 1. Media buying
    • 2. Creativity
    • 3. Execution
    • 4. Appeal of the advertising .
  15. True or False

    Outdoor advertising is generally only const-effective for stations in large markets with high-volume traffic routes.
    1. True
  16. True or false.

    Three to five words make the most effective message (eight words are maximum)
    1. True
  17. What are the two basic types of outdoor bulletins?
    • 1. Poster panel bulletin
    • 2. Painted bulletin
  18. __________ billboard runs 12 ft, 3 inches high by 24 ft, 6 inches wider to create a 24' image. (10-15 sheets are usually glued to it)
    1. Poster panel
  19. __________ bulletins are usally 14 ft high by 48 ft long.
    1. Painted
  20. ________ ________ is the measurement of the height and width of a print or visual design.
    1. Aspect Ratio ( This is important because it determines how you design, compose and lay out or shoot something either for video or print )
  21. Waht are two key tactics for gaining revenue for radio stations?
    • 1. Sales promotion
    • 2. Event marketing
  22. True or false.

    To determine how many spots a station can run, on-air promotion has to be negotiated with the program director in advance.
    1. TRUE
  23. What are some responsibilities of promotion managers on the day of an event?
    • 1. Coordinating station staff on-site
    • 2. Making sure the money is collected and the performers are paid.
    • 3. Keeping the event on schedule
  24. __________ involves the distribution and sale of customized station products.
    1. Merchandising
  25. The goal of a ___________ strategy is to develop on-on-one relationships with current or potential listeners.
    1. Community-relations
  26. _________ broadcast from locations other than the stations studio.
    1. Remotes
  27. _________ _____________ may involve speeches to local civic groups, a station softball or basketball team, interviews on local boradcast or cable television shows, and public participation in community events .
    1. Personality appearances
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BCA 512 Chapter 2 - Part 2
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