Exercise 3.1

  1. Base
    Supports the microscope
  2. Substage light/mirror
    • located at the base of the microscope.
    • passes light directly upward through the microscope.
  3. Stage
    The platform that the slide rests on while being viewed.
  4. Condenser
    small substage lens that cooncentrates the light on the specimen. Usually close to the inferior surface of the stage
  5. Iris diaphragm Lever
    Arm attached to the base of the condenser that regulates the amount of light passing through the condenser.
  6. Course Adjustment Knob
    Used to focus on the specimen
  7. Fine Adjustment Knob
    Used for precise focusing once course focusing has been completed
  8. Head or body tube
    Supports the objective lense system and the occular lens/ lenses
  9. Arm
    Vertical portion of the microscope connecting the base and head
  10. Ocular lens (eye piece)
    • either one or two.
    • superior end or body of the tube.
  11. What are the magnifications for the 3 types of lenses.
    40, 100...400, 1000
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