Chem Test 2

  1. Who said that matter was discrete, not continous, couldn't get a smaller piece
  2. Who called atoms, atomos?
  3. Who came up with the theory of the behavior of matter
    Dalton in the 1700s
  4. who discovered the electron
  5. why is plum pudding like atoms
    the raisins in the pudding are like a spherical blob with positive and negative charges inside
  6. who discovered radioactivity
  7. what element was used to discover radioactivity
  8. what is the symbol for alpha
  9. what is the symbol for beta
  10. what is the symbol for gama
  11. who performed the gold foil experiment
  12. what did the gold foil experiment confirm
    that the positive atom and mass was in one spot and the rest was empty space, so it passed through easily
  13. what is an atom mainly made out of
    empty space
  14. what part of the atom was deflected
    the nucleus or nucleolus
  15. what is on the inside of the atom
    the protons and neutrons
  16. what orbits around the nucleus
  17. what is the atomic number
    how many protons are in an atom
  18. what is the mass number of an atom
    the total number of protons and neutrons
  19. what is an isotope
    the same element with a different number of neutrons
  20. what is the half-life of an atom
    the time it takes for a radio active element to decay half of the way into a new element
  21. does light act like a wave or particle
    either or, but never both at the same time
  22. who developed the way of an atom's structure
  23. how many electrons are in the first shell
  24. how many are in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on shells in an atom
  25. what happens when electrons absorb more energy
    they get brighter
  26. what happens as electrons lose energy
    they're light dims and eventually goes out when it goes back to a lower level
  27. what does a black line mean
  28. what does colored lines mean
  29. why does an object still glow at night when it's dark
    the electons reach a metastable state where they glow for an unusually long time
  30. why does something float
    it's less dense than the liquid it's floating in
  31. why does an object sink
    it's more dense than the liquid it's floating in
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Chem Test 2
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