Exercise 1.4

  1. Name sub-regions of Dorsal Body Cavity
    • Cranial Cavity
    • Vertebral Cavity
  2. Name the sub-regions of the Ventral Body Cavity
    • Thoracic Cavity
    • Abdominopelvic Cavity
  3. Umbilical Region
    The centermost region, which includes the umbilicus.
  4. Epigastric Region
    Immedietly superior to the umbilical region; overlies much of the stomach
  5. Hypogastric (pubic) region
    • Immediately inferior to the umbelical region
    • encompasses the pubic area.
  6. Iliac (inguinal) regions
    Lateral to the hypogastric region and overlying the superior parts of the hip bones.
  7. Lumbar Regions
    • between the ribs and the flaring portions of the hip bones
    • lateral to the umbelical region
  8. Hypochondriac regions
    Left and right side of the epigastric region laterally and overlying the lower ribs.
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