wet mount hanging drop slides

  1. Why do we use wet mount and hanging drop slides?
    To view living cells to determine motility. See size, arrangements & shapes.
  2. How are wet mount & hanging drop slides prepared?
    WET: Add drop of water on slide with loop. Inoculate bacteria in water. Add cover glass.

    HANGING: Apply petroleum jelly around well of depression on slide. Apply drop of water to cover glass. Inoculate bacteria in the drop of water. Invert depression slide over cover glass.
  3. What are the advantages of using one over the other?
    Hanging drop allows longer viewing.
  4. What is reason for a false positive and a false negative motility result?
    False +: Browning motion is not true motility b/c collision of water molecules. (looks like static on tv)

    False -:
  5. How do we view the results of these slide preparations?
    Observe on microscope under high dry or oil immersion
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