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  1. Etruscans
    exerted the most powerful external influence on the Romans. Their civiization arose in Etruia.
  2. imperium
    right held by a Roman king to enforce commands by fines, arrests, and corporal and capital punishment.
  3. plebeian
    commoner class of Roman families, usually families of small farmers, laboreres, and artisans who were early clients of the patricians.
  4. Roman Republic (509 B.C.)
    the outrageous behavior of the last kings led the noble families to revolt in 509 B.C., bringing the monarchy to a sudden close and leading to the creation of this.
  5. consuls
    elected magistrates from patrician families chosen annually to lead the army, overseee the state religion, and sit as judges.
  6. censors
    men of unimpeachable reputation, chosen to carry the responsiblity for enrolling, keeping track of, and determining the status and tax liablity of each citizen.
  7. Senate
    gained control of the state's finances and of foreign policy; had great influence.
  8. The Struggle of the Orders
    The plebeians vs the patricians
  9. tribunes
    officials elected by the plebeian tribal assembly given the power to protect plebeians from abuse by patrician magistrates.
  10. Laws of the Twelve Tables
    the foundation of Roman law. (early Roman custom in  all its harshness and simplicity are codified)
  11. plebeian assembly
    Assembly against patrician’s resistance built at the Sacred Mount.
  12. Gallic invasion
    In 387 B.C, Gauls (barbaric Celtic) defeated Roman army and burned Rome. In 350 B.C, Gallic raids again however, they defended
  13. Latins, Samnites, Greeks
    • in 295 B.C., Roman defeated Samnites at
    • Sentinum. And in 275 B.C., Roman defeat Greeks at the
    • Sicily- Roman united Italy.
  14. Pyrrhus
    • King of Eprirus: “If we win one more the battle against
    • Rome”.. won against Rome, but cost a lot.
  15. Punic Wars
    • Rome vs Carthage
    •  First Punic Wars (264-241 B.C)
    • Rome took Sardinia and Corsica

    •  Second Punic War (218 BC- 202 BC)
    • Hannibal almost won but Scipio finally gave victory to The Rome.
  16. Hannibal
    the General of the Carthage marched to Rome by crossing Alps and defeat Rome in the Battle of Cannae.
  17. Battle of Cannae
    Hannibal defeated the Romans with 80,000 soldiers; the worst defeat in Roman History
  18. Scipio
    a young general of Rome and won at the Battle of Zama
  19. Battle of Zama
    In 202 B.C., the battle between Hannibal and Scipio, which decided the winner of the Punic War.
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