Social Science Section 2

  1. Which Tsar marked teh begining of the russian empire
    peter the great
  2. what two areas were added to russia during the imperial period
    poland and finland
  3. with nicholas I coming to power, which value of imperial rule began to change
    liberal vaules began to apply to nationalities and ethnic groups
  4. what four things makeup liberalism 
    egaliterialism, individualism, meliorism, and universalism
  5. what idea did liberalism spread in russia
    national awakening made arguements abou rights to self determination (like voting for a president) for nainoal groups under russian control
  6. why was peter the greats ascension to the thrown complicated
    Alexis had two wives, natalie and mary, which created two lines of ascension
  7. who were the children of mary, and who of natalie. (wives of peter the greats father, alexis
    theodore and ivan of mary and peter of natalie
  8. what was decided about who would take the thrown of tsar alexis children
    peter and ivan would share the thrown with peters hald sister sophia as regent
  9. what did sophia do with her power as regent 
    concession of merchant class, relaxation of punishment of run away peasants, founding of russia's first higher education, an ill-advised war against crimean tartars, and signing of the eternal peace treaty
  10. what was the eternal peace treaty
    1686, secured the left bank of ukraine an kiev and unified eastern europe against turkish aggression
  11. what was peter the greats saving grace against the coup from his half sister sophia
    his affinity with the military and their backing to his reign
  12. what were some of the firsts peter the great brought to tsardom
    he was the first to be tsar in teh interest to state, forcing the military to pledge to russia not the tsar. institutionalized education among nobility and governing officials. he elected officals by skill set and not class
  13. describe peter the greats military ventures
    he remade the military, moving to professionalism and efficiency. a war with the turks in 1695 over the black sea. 
  14. describe the war with turks in 1695 peter the great lead
    with capture of tartar strong hold Azov, peter was able to establish russia's first naval base
  15. what did peter the great study in holland
    ship building, dentistry an enntomology
  16. what did he do in england
    observation of ship yards and city planning before leaving to central europe to vistit modern cities
  17. what policies did peter launch to modernize russian society
    shaving of beards, getting rid of byzantine robes and using tight western clothes, ending arranged marriages, promoting education, and moving from creationist orthodox calander to julian system
  18. what was teh significance of orthodox beards
    a sign of respect peter viewed as un civilized, archiac, and absurd
  19. why was peter the greats european excursion cut short
    a coup by the streltsy to put his half sister sophia as tsarina. peter interrogated, tortured, and killed over 1000 member of the strestly and showed bodies as example. sophia was exiled
  20. whatw as the great northern war 1700-21
    a war with sweden over acess to the black sea
  21. describe the battle of narva 1700
    russian loses and retreats, off this peter attempts to establish st. petersburg in former swedish territory. a perminent western outpost
  22. describe swedens invasion of russia
    after defeating the poles, they invade russia. russia pushes them back, forcing them to fight ukraine, where peter's forces finish them off in th battle of poltava 1709
  23. what treaty finished swedish surrender in the great northern war
    the treaty of nystadt, 
  24. describe the treaty of nystadt
    russia cedes most of finland, pays 2 mil in swedish monies, secures baltic territories of estonia, ingria, livonia, and part of karelia
  25. describe peterthe greats military reforms
    required gentry to enlist in the military, and the remaining were forced into a lottery. exceptions were those in civil service, or disabled, clergy and merchant class. he modernized the army making it merit based and promotions among the officer corps
  26. what new organ of the state did peter the great create
    the Senate, held judicial, bureaucratic, and financial powers
  27. what was teh twelve colleges
    bureaucratic body to manage executive affiar for poeter the great. 
  28. describe peters religous reforms
    after the death of a patriarch who disagreed with peter, he didnt fill teh positiona and let the people make decisions. he later filled the position with the holy synod
  29. what was the holy synod
    a committee of religous leaders lead by a secular figure
  30. new position of the state on the church, led the church to focus on what
    peter limited the land and wealth of the church, forcing them to promote education
  31. describe peter the greats "head tax"
    because of teh expense of teh great nothern war, paid by all subjects, excluding merchants and gentry, he also ended the distinction between serfs and slaves, to increase taxes
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