Chapter 4 Rocks

  1. Changes rock on the Earth's surface
    weathering / erosion
  2. After heat and pressure is applied to sedimentary Rock?
    metamorphic rock
  3. Slowly cooled magma results in what type of igneous rock texture?
    Coarse-grained igneous rock
  4. layers in sedimentary rock
  5. how are rocks classified?
    composition and texture
  6. type of sedimentary rock from fossils
    organic (it was once alive)
  7. arrangement of sedimentary rocks in layers
  8. what forms sedimentary rock?
    compaction and cementation
  9. changes the Earth's surface by filing in and elevating
    deposition and uplifting
  10. igneous rock comes from
    cooled magma
  11. magma cooled beneath the Earth' surface
    intrusive igneous rock
  12. metamorphic rock with bands
  13. rocks changing their shape
  14. sediments that come to rest or is dropped off are called
  15. rocks that have bends or folds are 
  16. changes a rock into metamorphic rock
    heat and pressure
  17. starting point of igneous rock
  18. most common of organic sedimentary rocks
  19. corals become what type of sedimentary rock
  20. layering of sedimentary rock
  21. metamorphic rocks without bands
  22. sediments are moved by
  23. minerals in a rock determine its ______________ or what it is made of
  24. rock can change their composition during 
    the rock cycle
  25. rock fragments that are cemented together by calcite or quartz
    clastic sedimentary rock
  26. sedimentary rock made of disolved minerals that eventually crystallize
    chemical sedimentary rock
  27. metamorphism that happens whem magma contacts rock
    contact metamorphism
  28. metamorphism that occurs when tectonic plates collide
    regional metamorphism
  29. what does nonfoliated rock have
    no bands
  30. forms limestone
    remains of fossils or ocean dewellers
  31. when rocks change in composition their crystals
  32. Where does uplift take place
    underneath the Earth's surface
  33. Where does weathering take place
    on the Earth's surface
  34. Volcanic rock that cools quickly at the surface has what type of crystals
    no crystals
  35. Composition is
    minerals that a rock is made of
  36. texture is
    appearance of the rock based on the arrangement of it's minerals
  37. igneous rock that has cools slowly (crystals)
    has large crystals (coarse grains)
  38. What is deformation
    rock that has been folded or bended, it is not in layers
  39. Which would break easier a foliated or non-foliated rock
    foliated, along it's band
  40. What is stratification?
    sediments laid down in layer after layer
  41. in folliated rocks, their minerals are
    arranged in bands or layers
  42. in non-foliated  rocks minerals are 
  43. how can rocks be changed
    weathering, pressure, melting, cooling
  44. Felsic rocks are lighter and contain
    aluminum, silicon, sodium and potassium
  45. Mafic rocks are darker and contain
    iron, magnesium, and calcium
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