SAT Vocabulary Study 28

  1. ambulatory
    able to walk or move around
  2. archipelago
    a group of isalnds
  3. buffoon
    a clown, a silly or stupid person
  4. delineation
    an outline, depiction, portrayal
  5. demagogue
    a person or leader who appeals to passions or prejudices
  6. fledgling
    an immature or inexperienced person, a young bird that is ready to fly
  7. inculcate
    to teach persistently adn earnestly
  8. malcontent
    a preson who is constantly dissatisified and discontented
  9. neophyte
    a recent convert, beginner, novice
  10. parable
    a short fictitious story that has a moral
  11. prostration
    a stretching out due to lacking vitality and being overcome
  12. recapitulation
    a summary
  13. resilient
    ability to return to a former state
  14. resolute
    characterized by a decided purpose
  15. savant
    a scholar, a learned person
  16. stalwart
    one who supports a cause with firm partisanship
  17. steadfastness
    quality of being fixed with little chance of moving or changing
  18. syllabus
    a brief outline of the main points of a text or course of study
  19. tactile
    perceptible by touch; capable of being felt
  20. troupe
    a company or group - usually theatrical performers
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