geo quiz

  1. point-
     no dimensional spot in space 
  2. line
    infinite amount of points extending without end in 1 direction
  3. plane 
    infinte amout of points extanding 2 dimensions
  4. collinear
    points that lie on same line
  5. non collinear points
    points that do not lie on same line
  6. coplaner points
    points on same plane
  7. sagment-
    consistes of 2 endpoints between them
  8. ray 
    consist of a intitial point and extends 1 direction
  9. intersection
    set of points that two figs. have in common
  10. distance. 
    absolute value of the diffrence between the 2 coordiants
  11. midpoint 
    a point that divides a segment into two congruent segments
  12. segmant bisecter
  13. a point ray segment line or plane that intersects a segment at its mid point
  14. angle
    two rays that have same intial ptt.
  15. vertex
    point where the rays initial points meet
  16. congruent angles
    angles that have the same measure
  17. adjacent angles
    two angles share common vertex and side but no common intenor points
  18. angle bisector
    a ray that divides an angle in two congruent angles
  19. vertical angles- 
    angles have sides that form opp. rays
  20. linear pair
    2 angles non common sides form opp.  rays also supplenmentry and must me ajacent
  21. complementry angles
    two angles whose sum is 90*
  22. equilateral polygon
    all sides congrent
  23. equanguler 
    all angles congrent
  24. regular
    a polygon is regular if it is both equilateral and equiangler
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