SAT Vocabulary Study 25

  1. adulation
    extreme praise or admiration
  2. agile
    characterized by ability to move quickly with suppleness and grace
  3. augment
    to make great or to supplement
  4. docile
    easily managed, obedient, passive
  5. enhance
    to make better, to improve
  6. entreaty
    a plea, an earnest request
  7. eulogy
    praise or tribute
  8. fitful 
  9. gratuitous
    given freely, unwarranted
  10. humane
    kind, compassionate, sympathetic and considerate
  11. introspective
    the quality of examining one's own mind and thoughts
  12. luxuriant
    abundance in growth, very fertile
  13. miser
    one who lives in wretched circumstances to save and hoard money
  14. ornate
    excessively decorated
  15. plagiarize
    to steal or to use another's writing as one's own
  16. procrastinate
    to defer action; to delay
  17. recluse
    a person who lives in solitude, a hermit
  18. stupefy
    to dull the senses as to put into a stupor
  19. summon
    to call together, to send for or to request to appear
  20. transparent
    quality of being able to be seen through, clear
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SAT Vocabulary Study 25