SAT Vocabulary Study 20

  1. accord
    agreement, state of harmony
  2. affluent
    abounding in wealth; prosperous; flowing freely
  3. annulment
    a voiding, invalidation
  4. bastion
    a fortification, a stronghold
  5. compliance
    a yielding; acquiescence
  6. congenial
    characterized by friendly sociability
  7. diligient
    characterized by steady, attentive and engergetic effort in a pursuit or study
  8. expatriate
    an exile
  9. expedient
    appropriate for a purpose but not necessarily moral, right, or just
  10. heralded
    announced or publicized
  11. incantation
    a spell, a recited formula of words designed for a particular effect
  12. mercurial
    changing unpredictably, fickle
  13. neologism
    a newly coined word of phrase; new use of a 
  14. neurotic
    an emotionally unstable person; emotionally unstable
  15. nomadic
    characterized by moving about form place to place as nomads
  16. nuance
    a subtle distinction or difference
  17. repertoire
    a list of works of music or readings that are ready for performance
  18. satiric 
    characterized by satire (a branch of literature ridiculing vice or folly)
  19. ungainly
  20. vagrant
    a wanderer who does not have a home
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