Chapter Two Pt. 3

  1. What are the major players in radioactivity?
    • three major types of radiation emitted by particles are:
    • Beta rays (electrons)= negative
    • Gamma Rays (pure energy= no mass)
    • Alpha rays= positive particle (release Helium)
  2. A __ is an electron.
    beta particle
  3. Both __ and __ have partciles associated with __.
    • alpha and beta¬†
    • mass
  4. What is a nuclear equation?
    a reaction that changes an atomic nucleus
  5. What is beta radiation?
    • a beta particle is an electron
    • - neutron in nucleus spontaneously decays into a proton and electron; particles attracted to positive electrode and repelled by negative electrode
  6. What is alpha radiation?
    • An alpha particle is a helium-4 nucleus (2 protons and 2 neutrons)
    • particlues repelled by positively charged electrode and attracted to negatively charged electrode
    • - results in losee of 2 protons and 2 neutrons, reducing mass number of the nucleus by 4 and atomic # by 2
  7. Gamma Radiation
    • a gamma particle is a high-energy photon
    • - unaffected by electric/ magnetic fields¬†
    • - no mass
    • - electromagnetic radiation of very high energy
  8. What is positron emission?
    • a positron has the same mass as an electron but the opposite charge
    • - occurs when proton in nucleus changes into neutron plus ejected positron
    • - decrease in atomic # of product nucleus but no change in mass #
  9. What is electron capture?
    process in which the nucleus captures an inner-shell electron, thereby converting a proton to a neutron
  10. Nuclear reactors:
    __ and __
    • fusion
    • fission
  11. What is fusion?
    • combining
    • - two smaller nuclei--> one big nuclei
  12. What is fission?
    • splitting
    • big atom--> 2 smaller
  13. What is the problem with nuclear things?
    nuclear waste
  14. Explain fusion.
    • Sun
    • - takes hydrogen atoms and uses to pressure to produce He--> energy
    • possible on earth
    • ex: H bond
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