SAT Vocabulary Study 19

  1. acclaim
    praise, approval; to salute; to hail
  2. allure
    to influence, sway, or entice with some tempting appeal
  3. anarchsit
    one who believe in the absence of government or law
  4. banter
    to speak in a witty or teasting manner
  5. collaborate
    to work together
  6. cordial
    courteous and gracious; friendly; warm
  7. cynical
    given to faultfinding, sneering, and sarcasm; exhibiting macking disbelief
  8. desiccate
    to dry up
  9. ecstasy
    extreme happiness
  10. empathy
    understanding or indentification with another's feeling or situation
  11. equivocate
    to attempt to lie, to mislead, or to hide the truth
  12. implacable
    incapable of being appeased
  13. malleable
    capable of being shaped, influenced, or altered; tractable
  14. obdurate
    extremely stubborn, unwilling to accept advice
  15. portent
    a sign or forewarning
  16. protract
    to prolong
  17. rectify
    to set right or to correct
  18. savory
  19. treachery
    violation of faith; betrayal of trust; treason
  20. trite
    overused, commonplace, hackneyed
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SAT Vocabulary Study 19