SAT Vocabulary Study 18

  1. adulterate
    to make impre by adding lesser substances; to corrupt
  2. amass
    to collect, to gather, to accumulate
  3. apocryphal
    of doubtful origin or authenticity, not genuine
  4. beleaguer
    to harass
  5. caricature
    a portrayal where features are distorted, a parody
  6. coalesce
    to merge, to fuse, to join, or to unite
  7. deplore
    to regret deeply or strongly; to feel or to express deep grief for 
  8. discrepant
    disagreeing, inconsistent
  9. exalt
    to glorify, to praise, to raise in rank
  10. expeditious
    done with speed and efficiency
  11. galvanize
    to stimulate or to excite as if by an electric shock
  12. kindle
    to start a fire, to stir up
  13. mortify
    to humiliate, to wound pride, to experience shame
  14. naive 
    unsophisticated; inexperienced
  15. prodigious
    extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree, great in size, enormous
  16. quell
    to quiet or to put down a disturbance
  17. rue
    to be sorry for, to regret
  18. spurn
    to reject or to refuse with hostility
  19. strident
    loud and harsh sounding
  20. surfeited 
    fed or supplied to excess
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SAT Vocabulary Study 18