SAT Vocabulary Study 17

  1. abate
    to reduce in intensity or amount
  2. contempt
    scorn, extreme dislike or disdain
  3. cosmopolitan
    dealing with the whole world
  4. elicit
    to bring out a response, to evoke
  5. felicitous
    happy or delightful
  6. interminable
    having or seeming to have no end, wearisomely protracted
  7. jollity
    merrimetn, state of being jolly
  8. odious
    deserving hate or contempt
  9. parody
    humorous or ridiculous imitation
  10. parsimony
    stinginess, frugality; excessive economy
  11. penury
    extreme poverty
  12. platitude 
    trite remark, banal statement
  13. pliable
    easily manipulated or able to be bent freely without breaking
  14. profligate
    a wasteful person; extremely wasteful, given to licentiousness
  15. pugnacious
    looking for a fight, combative, belligerent
  16. stealthy
    acting in a secret and sneaky way 
  17. supercilious
    haughty, vain and arrogant
  18. vociferous
    clamarous; boisterous 
  19. voluminous 
    marked by great volume or size
  20. vulgarity
    something offensive to good taste and refinement
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SAT Vocabulary Study 17