SAT Vocabulary Study 15

  1. apathy
    a lack of concern or feeling, indifference
  2. bane, baneful
    a source of harm or destruction; harmful, destructive
  3. commensurate
  4. complacency
    the state of being self-satisfied
  5. cryptic
    mysterious, secret
  6. desultory
    jumping around, aimless, random
  7. dexterous
    skillful and active with the hands; manually adroit
  8. dissipation
    wasteful spending, squandering
  9. dour
    sullen, stern, harsh, sour
  10. equivocal
    ambiguous (usually intended to mislead)
  11. espousing
    marrying, giving one's loyalty; adopting or embracing a cause
  12. hedonist
    one who seeks pleasure as the sole aim in life
  13. indefatigable
    tireless, incapable of being fatigued
  14. mutability 
    the degree to which something is subject and likely to change
  15. parochial 
    limited in range or scope, narrow, provincial
  16. penchant
    a strong inclination
  17. peripheral
    on teh edge, not important
  18. replete
    filled to capacity, abundantly supplied
  19. respite
    a rest, a delay, a period of relief
  20. sluggard
    a person who is lazy
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SAT Vocabulary Study 15